Space and Aviation

Space and Aviation

While the aviation and space industry develop continuously and rapidly in today's technology world, it also reveals new risks.

The very nature of these operations can result in significant financial losses. Operators need a high level of assurance, despite the value of the aircraft on which they operate and the magnitude of responsibilities assumed during their air operations. Insurance enables operators to reduce the magnitude of their exposure in a predictable and reliable way.

Turker understands the needs of customers with its professional approach and experience and provides services on how to manage risks with its strategic expertise. In line with the needs of customers from domestic and foreign markets our Aviation & Space team provides a broad range of proportional and non-proportional treaty protection protection structures as: 


  • Quota Share
  • Stop Loss
  • Risk XL
  • Aggregate XL
And offers insurance solutions in the following areas:

  • Airlines
  • Aerospace/Product Liability
  • Airports and ATC
  • General Aviation/ Hot Air Balloons
  • Space
  • Aviation Insurance / Risk Coverage
  • Aircraft hull all risks plus war risks cover
  • Aircraft spares / engines / equipment all risks cover
  • Aviation legal liability – bodily injury or property damage to third parties
  • Premise’s liability
  • Hangar keeper’s liability – property damage to third party aircraft
  • Products liability – liability from products or services provided
  • Grounding liability
  • Contingent hull and liability.