Flexible and tailored reinsurance to help mitigate risk exposures

Retrocession — a transaction in which a reinsurer transfers risks it has reinsured to another reinsurer. Reinsurance companies cede risks under retrocession agreements to other reinsurers, for reasons similar to those that cause primary insurers to purchase reinsurance.  It is reinsurance for reinsurance.

Retrocession is essential to ensure that ceding reinsurers obtain the most appropriate structures and coverage, whether from conventional or non-traditional providers. Turker Retrocession team has an established relationship throughout the globe. We provide a high level of professional service, supported by comprehensive advisory based on the latest analytical tools and decades of experience.

Delivering assistance with the fine-tuning of risk appetite, through the structuring and placement of capital-optimizing retrocession contracts, the Retrocession team’s extensive relationships, underwriting experience, and actuarial knowledge makes Turker a challenging force in the market.

Our Retrocession service includes full range of reinsurance coverage with local, regional or worldwide exposure structured as:


  • Excess of Loss
  • Quota Share
  • Aggregate
  • Multiple Event
  • Industry Loss Warranty
  • Structured Solutions