The world is transforming right before our eyes, where once-emerging countries have now become global economic powerhouses. With this remarkable shift, one thing has become clear – the world needs more energy.

As companies across the globe search for new sources of power, they are exposed to new risks. The global energy sector continues to attract considerable investment with focus on upgrading the existing infrastructure, renewables and new extraction technologies.

Turker team has long-standing experience in this complex sector to identify and provide practical solutions to customers. Knowledge and expertise on working with Energy and Infrastructure Investors to protect both the project itself, as well as investor interests by providing tailor-made solutions to each investment project throughout its life cycle. We developed a wide variety of treaty structures to enable cedants to manage their portfolios effectively according to their unique risk appetites.

Our Energy reinsurance service include a full range of reinsurance coverages for Treaty portfolios such as:


  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Midstream
  • Power Generation and Utilities (Hydro, Fossil fueled, Biomass)
  • Wind, Solar, Alternative Energy and Renewables
  • Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • Pipeline and Terminal Systems
  • Oil Refineries and Refining Operations

Structured as:
  • Quota Share
  • Surplus
  • Risk Excess of Loss
  • CAT Excess of Loss