Fine Arts and Species

Fine Arts and Species

The passion for fine art and collectibles throughout the world is increasing. Since Interpol created its Stolen Works of Art global database in 1995 only 6% of items listed have been recovered. We therefore work with our clients on practical security measures to reduce the risk and keep their art safe.

Fine art covers all types of collectibles in addition to paintings and sculpture, while Specie' refers to the insurance of valuable property such as precious metals, valuable documents and jewels.

The movement and storage of bullion, cash, jewellery and art need special coverage against damages, transport and stay risks for fine art exhibitions throughout the world. Professional valuation of such assets is necessary to determine the value at risk.

Our Fine arts and Species service covers a wide range of risks for the following:

  • Individual art collectors
  • Art galleries
  • Jewellers (gold storage)
  • Museums
  • Exhibition organizers